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Re: GG: Italian Concerto

     Sorry, don't know about that.  Will watch the follow-up and 
     learn more.
     My recording of the 59 IC has the D major partita and 
     another short piece on it; one of the toccatas, I think.  
     It's called "Bach recital" or something like that.  Is that 
     how it appears where you live?
     mw  :-)

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Subject: GG: Italian Concerto
Author:  Taku Fujita <g650330@komaba.ecc.u-tokyo.ac.jp> at internet
Date:    1/17/97 6:38 PM

Dear all,
Could someone let me know about the following? 
Gould recorded "Italian Concerto" in 1959.
We can hear this record, of course.
And I knew Gould had tried to record this tune again at the CBS in 1981, 
but I can't find this CD.
What could have happened to the record?
By any chance, didn't this recording finish, 
otherwise, does this track exist?