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Re: Gould Bias

At 15:57 20/02/97 -0500, you wrote:
>    know the one I mean - the only one who recorded the Goldbergs before
>    Gould... it was a woman... oh, well, it's gone now) and found Gould's much
>I'm not sure she was the only one, but it was probably Wanda Landowska,
>one of the foremost Bach interpreters in the first half of the century.

Of course, Ms Landowska was the one who stated after hearing Glenn's playing:
 "He can play Bach his way, I'll play it Bach's way".  This is my favourite
"most arrogant statement" about authenticity.  'Tis a pity because, getting
back to the message thread, I do like her performances ie Glenn hasn't
_totally_ destroyed all other interpretations for me - I do really enjoy my own!
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