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Re: Gould Bias

Alun wrote:

>I haven't tried the set on 'phones, it's true -- I don't like them much
>anyway: I wear glasses and find that after just a few minutes the 'phones
>cause the sidebars to press painfully behind my ears....If I take off the
>glasses to avoid this -- a logical move -- then I can't see a thing.

I agree. The best solution is to position your speakers on the floor 
facing each other, about a yard apart. Place a cushion (or, better, a 
narrow mattress) on the floor between them, grasp the remote firmly, and 
lie down with your head between the speakers. If the one-yard gap allows 
extraneous sounds to leak in, fit casters to the speakers and experiment 
with different distances. Also try putting the speakers on their sides so 
that you don't end up hearing all-bass or all-treble. If necessary, fit 
cardboard chutes or baffles to your ears to channel the sounds you want 
to hear. Before doing any of this, warn the spouse and also think of and 
rehearse a credible explanation for that moment when the Vicar arrives 
unexpectedly to find you in solitary supine bliss.