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Re: [BACH-LIST] gould

At 03:49 PM 4/20/98 -0600, Jerry wrote:

>Are you saying my Mozart fortepiano CDs will grow on me?  Is it an acquired
>taste??  I dunno...  They've been put away for so long that I couldn't even
>tell you what or who I have.

Whose recordings of the sonatas do you have? I'm currently much in love with
Anthony Newman's versions, which are now available on a budget reissue CD
for only 20 bucks or so for the set; moreover, the sound is all digital and
superb. This music was written for fortepiano. You might as well play them
on a Moog synthesizer as on a modern piano for all the justice you will do
to the composer's intentions. I'm afraid your characterization of the
fortepiano as rudimentary demonstrates that you have yet to grok the
aesthetics of 18th Century music.

>Don't forget the Appassionata (1st mvmnt).  Sorry, I can't forgive him for
>that, but I kinda understand it (what am I saying!?!).

There's definitely a place for Gould recordings once you know the work or
have a sane interpretation in your collection. Then you can listen to a
Gould version - or just take LSD and listen to a normal performance ...