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The Moog Strikes Bach - Hans Wurman

Hello Bill Crabb. I can help you with some information that may focus
your search a little better. "The Moog Strikes Bach" 1971 and "Chopin a
la Moog" 1973 were both realized by a German instrumentalist named Hans
Wurman (not Wendy Carlos). I believe there was one other title in the
"Moog-bandwagon" genre by Wurman, but have never been able to find any
info on it (if you find some, please let me know). These unique records
were released by RCA, but I'm sorry that I can't get you the catalogue
numbers because my copies of them are in deep storage and inaccessible
to me right now.
Hope this helps your search and good luck. I'd appreciate knowing where
you find a copy. Take care.
- Stephen Rieck  <stephen.rieck1@sympatico.ca>