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Dear Paul,
 Just yesterday I saw at least some (I didn't verify) of Glenn Gould's
videotapes published by Sony on the shelves on one of the largest record
shops here in Milano.  They should be prepared to send them to the UK.

Their address is:
Classical Records Department
Ricordi Mediastores, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, 20121 Milano, Italy
Phone +39 02 74815.1; fax +39 02 74815.339 -  +39 02 74815.439

They should also have an e.mail address or a web site, but just now I'm
unable to find them.

Should you encounter any difficulty in contacting them, or should you need
any help, don't hesitate to contact me directly: the shop is quite near to
my house, and I could drop in sometime in the next few days.

>Dear All,
>Can you help me? I desperately want to get hold of video copies of the
>three Glenn Gould Plays Bach films. But here in England they have been
>deleted from the Sony catalouge. Of course, i can't buy them from Canada
>or the USA because i wouldn't be able to play them here.
>Would anyone know where i can get them on VHS, UK. Or could anyone copy
>them for me if i pay?
>I would be eternally grateful, really...
>Paul Johnson.

Marco D. Poli
Istituto di Psicologia
Facolta' di Medicina
Universita' di Milano
via T. Pini 1
20134 Milano, ITALY
phone: + 39 02 21210200
fax:    + 39 02 26413376
e.mail: poli@unimi.it