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Re: Fwd:

I don't think that the midrange 'clunk' gets in the way at all......I don't
really get distracted by them, plus it's worth it for the somewhat unusual
piano sound.

Burkhardt Ingersoll Wilke wrote:

> jery and judy wrote:
> > >Heron Stone wrote:
> >
> > >> + knowing of gould's "perfectionism" led me to think that
> > >>       he would never record on a piano so badly in need
> > >>       of regulation
> you might be surprised :)  the piano in question had been dropped by the
> movers.  Gould along with the a steinway guy tried to save it.  The
> inventions are a direct result of these efforts.  personally i have grown
> fond of these silly instrumental quirks in the recording and listen to them
> often :)