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RE: Piano Action, etc.

	Dear F-minors,

	Regarding the Gould piano: I mostly find it very annoying, perhaps
not so much in the Bach recordings but in the Scriabin 3rd sonata I consider
it infuriating. I'm sure that most will agree(?) that the slow mvt. (I refer
to the 3rd, not his outrageously slow playing in the 1st mvt!) is a complete
washout due the infuriating clicks and double sounds (or however one wishes
to describe them). The important sense of line in the melody is completely
lost due to these hideous noises. Which recordings do others find most
annoying, in this respect?

	Andrew Thayer

	PS. I absolutely hate the double sound which occurs in the opening
subject (2nd note I think) of the C sharp minor fugue bk. 1, which
undermines what is otherwise a truly unbelievable performance.