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Glenn Gould's Canadian North

Hello to all f_miners.  Here's news about the 1999 Gould Prize
Presentation Concert and about an optional tour which is being made
available for people coming to the Gould Gathering in Toronto this

Yo-Yo Ma, the fifth Prize Laureate, is to receive his award at a
presentation ceremony/concert in Glenn Gould Studio on Sunday afternoon,
September 26, as the closing event of the Gathering.  If any f_miner
still has not registered for the Gathering and plans to attend, let me
know so I can set a spot aside for you, including a ticket to the Prize

Many people who come to Toronto want to know about - and visit - the
region of the North where Glenn particuarly loved to travel, and so a
three-day tour of this region has been arranged, IF 30 people who are at
the Gathering decide they'd like to add it to their plans.  (Our cut-off
date to know if we have 30 participants on the trip is April 21, the
last day when we can secure our airline seats at a reduced group rate.) 

The trip will start on the evening when the Gathering ends in Toronto
(Sunday, September 26);  Air Canada is holding 30 seats on a flight
northward from Toronto to Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, where the group
would stay for three nights (Sunday/Monday/Tuesday).  

On Monday, there is an all-day train trip north to Agawa Canyon - at the
most beautiful time of the year when all the leaves of the trees are in
full colour.  Spectacular - take it from a Canadian who sees colours in
the leaves annually - this is a special treat!

On Tuesday, there is an all-day bus trip along the north shore of Lake
Superior, including a stop in Wawa!  We're also trying to identify other
Gould sites in this area.  Any ideas, locations, suggestions, etc.,
which anyone can offer would be welcome.  

Wednesday morning, everyone flies back to Toronto.

The cost for return airfare and the two local trips is $515 CDN.  We
will arrange local accommodation for the three nights once we know that
we do indeed have 30 people signed up to participate;  the cost of local
accommodation should be about $75-$100 per room per night, single or
double.  Everyone buys his/her own meals as s/he wishes.  

This really will be an exceptional event for G.G. devotees!  If you are
already in Toronto for the Gathering, this is a good opportunity to see
that part of Canada which inspired and thrilled Glenn!

Here at the Gould Foundation we still have room to welcome a few more
f_miners at the Gathering, as well as places on this trip.  And don't
forget that all f_miners will be getting together with Mary Jo during
the festival on Friday morning, September 24 at our own event.

Let me know if you want more information, registration, etc..  Info on
the festival, is available at <www.glenngould.ca/gggather.>

Spring greetings to everyone!

John Miller
Gould Foundation