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Re: GG: Last Puritan

Wow, what great timing the people on this list have! I recently bought
a used copy of "The Last Puritan." It must be something in the air. Or
maybe there's something in the Air on a G-String. ;-> The great thing
was that when I made my purchase, the bookseller was able to
comment on the book because he had actually read it. Wow.
That's something you don't see that often in a bookstore these days.

So far, I've only read the introduction and the first couple of pages
of Chapter One. (I haven't gotten very far in Chapter One -- Oliver
hasn't been born yet!) I was reading it during my lunch break, and
though I'm pretty good at multitasking, it was kind of hard to
concentrate on "The Last Puritan" with the truck noises and gleeful
kids nearby. So I gave up and read my AAA guidebook on
Toronto instead.

>From what I've read of the introduction, it (The Last Puritan, that
is) does seem to have a Gouldian connection. I believe Glenn read
the introduction out loud on the air during one of his radio
broadcasts. And knowing him, he probably read it -- and even
a chapter or so -- out loud to many of his friends on the phone.
(Oooh, just thinking about those phone bills makes me cringe.)

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>Dear Angela,
> I've been meaning for ages to take a look at *The Last Puritan*, but
>other things have always come up.  I suspect that many of us--and
>certainly me!--would be interested in hearing more about the book,
>and hearing any observations you had about how "Gouldian" it is.
>Did Gould just steal the title, or did he really identify with the
>What made it so powerfully appealing to him?
> Thanks, and happy reading!