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RE: GG: Selected Letters, Japanese Translation

Mary Jo and all:

Mary Jo, thank you very much for your kind word on the
publication of the Japanese edition of the GG Selected Letters.
Yes, it was at last published this spring.

Belated, I must thank you all of the f_minor members
who helped me to interprete difficult words, phrases, sentences,
and contexts through discussion on/off list, and provided me
precious information.  I express special acknowledgment
to Ron Davis, Robert Fulford, John P. Hill, John Miller,
Melissa Stewart, and the list owner Mary Jo Watts,
who gave me a lot of answers to my humble questions.

I will post a brief description of the edition later, but
you can see the cover photo on the Internet at:

(a smaller photo in the website of Misuzu Shobo, 
the publisher in Tokyo)

and at:

(a larger photo in the website of an on-line book shop in Japan)


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Junichi Miyazawa, Tokyo
walkingtune@bigfoot.com (alias)