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Why No Ricercare?

I've been meaning to post this question to the group for a while, but I was
reminded by today's New York Times Magazine.  The issue is devoted to some
Best-of-the-Last-1000 Years nominations: best invention (cultivated bean),
best story (Scheherazade, Everyman), best love song (final trio from Der
Rosenkavalier), best ergonomic design (piano/harpsichord/organ keyboard), etc.

Charles Rosen gives a deliberately quirky nomination for Best Piano
Composition (since it is rarely played on the piano): Bach's Ricercare a 6
from "The Musical Offering."

Which leads to my question: Am I right that Gould never recorded this
6-voice fugue?  Why not?  Did he ever talk or write about it?  

I would nominate this piece for the Pieces-We-Wish-Gould-Had-Recorded List
that circulated a while ago.