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Re: GG English Suites $5.00

> >including previously unissued performances.  Sony publishes this series
> >with short playing times and full price because people will pay it....
> I would pay dearly (and I would probably have to) for a complete
> collection, which could be stored as a logical and handsome unit, so I

Check Berkshire to see if they have any in stock.  About a year ago I
picked up somewhere on the order of 20 Sony GG Edition discs in boxed
sets with a cost of somewhere on the order of $6/disc.  The boxes just
contained the individually packaged CD's, but are a very good way to
help me organize my GG collection and find what I am looking for.

Berkshire = www.berkshirerecoutlet.com - They basically buy stock
from stores going out of business or who have other reasons to sell
all or part of their stock.  They then resell this at very low prices,
but the difference is you choose from what they have, not from the
list of all CD's in the world, and the service is very no-frills
(note, I don't mean bad service, I mean non-deluxe).  Ask them to
send you a copy of their printed catalog also.


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