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Re: Cott's "Conversations with Glenn Gould"

I bought a copy of the book in 1984 and have read it.  I personally find it one of the best interviews anyone has had with Glenn Gould.  Without having known Gould, I speculate this interview sounds like a conversation Gould would have if he didn't script it before hand. By the way, my copy this interview   includes a separate chapter called "The George Szell Caper" concerning a notorious incident that was rumored (but not proven) to have happened between Gould and George Szell during a rehearsal, so I don't know which edition you'll be getting that has the George Szell stuff. The edition I have in my collection is entitled "Conversations with Glenn Gould", published by Little, Brown and Company, published in 1984. Happy reading!
Daniel Vaiser
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Subject: GG: Cott's "Conversations with Glenn Gould"

Has anyone else read this book? I just started reading it. (I'm not
exactly reading it in order, which might be the best way to explore
it.) Any thoughts? (And by the way, did Glenn understand the concept
of end-of-sentence punctuation? Some of those sentences are *long.*)

By the way, Cott's "Conversations with Glenn Gould" is now in
paperback. You can order it from