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RE: cyber ghosts


I think we should have a bit more discussion about such issues rather than
just start another list. I've not had any problems with bounces previously(I
guess I'll find out if that changed recently with this message).

This has been a very successful list for GG fans for a long time now.
Mary-Jo has done a great job keeping it going as a terrific forum with an
interesting subscriber base. I'd hate to see the critical mass needed for a
successful list dissipated by splitting it across various other forums. As a
new subscriber yourself, you may like to have a look through the archives to
find out more about the list's history and interesting, generous
participants. Check it out at http://tug.org/mail-archives/f_minor/


Marius Coomans

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Sent: Sunday, 2 May 1999 3:10
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Subject: cyber ghosts

Hello -

     **sigh** all the dead email addresses that haven't been taken off this
list.  That's quite a group that hasn't been administered to and fills your
box each time you post a message here.

   I opened a new list on Onelist yesterday (http://www.onelist.com), just
called GlennGould.  I'll be happy to do the daily administration of list
keeping.  Come check it out: