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Turning off HTML

Disabling HTML in our messages is a great idea.  But 
doing this in some mailers, particularly the 
Microsoft Exchange client, is not easy.  In fact,
I don't think you can change the default for the
MS Exchange 5.0 client.  You must override it
for each addressee in the address book!

Also, you have to turn off both "Rich Text", AND 
"Mime Encoding" to eliminate HTML and other 

Here's how to do it if you have MS Exchange 5.0:

1) Make sure you have an entry in your address book for
   the f-minor list, and _always_ use the address book for
   addressing your postings.

2) Open the address book, select "Personal Address Book",
   or whatever one you use, and RIGHT click on the entry
   for the f-minor list, and select "properties".

3) Be sure the "Always send in rich text..." box is NOT

4) Click on "send options".  Check the "I want to specify
   the format..." box.   Click "Plain Text/UUEncode",
   and make sure BINHEX is NOT checked.

5) Click OK, Click OK, and exit the address book.

Gary Thorburn

Gary W. Thorburn