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Re: testing whether it's safe to post....

Here are the some the issues that explain bounced messages.

*f_minor tends to have pregnant pauses which gives ISPs allkinds of time
to malfunction or users time to leave their accounts.
* Sometimes servers go down temporarily
* Sometimes whole systems go down (a bounce for every AOL user is not
* The Rutgers mail server and many others will repeatedly try to send
mail that was not received initially by the recipient, thus the
repeats--sometimes for several days.  

These are the hassles of using majordomo to run a list of over 300
people who go on vacation, disapper from cyberspace, need new ISPs, move
ISPs etc.  The more mail that is sent, the more bounces that will be
generated.  This is why I ask that people keep the conversations on
topic and avoid repeat or unecessary messages-- not to disrupt
conversation but to make managing the bounces possible without ditching
longtimers with temporary ISP problems.

Hope this clears some things up.

Questions and Comments to:

Mary Jo Watts
listowner, f_minor

Marius Coomans wrote:
> Sorry to bother you with house-keeping....
> I received a reply to a message which I sent to to Mary-Jo after the
> "bounced email" issue was raised over the weekend. She's cleaned up the bad
> addresses, but there may be some remaining issue with the Rudgers mail
> server. I'll keep the list informed.
> Marius Coomans
> http://glenn.FDnet.com.au