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RE: On Fartein Valen

Dear Miki-san:

I am not sure if it is still available, but I have
the following CD which includes Fartein Valen's 
*complete* piano works:

"Piano Music from Norway"
Robert Riefling, piano
BIS CD-173/174

The two-CD album also includes works by Harald Saeverud
(1897-1992) performed by Jan Henrik Kayser.

Probably you know, but GG refered to Valen several times
in his letters; the one to Jane Friedman dated October 23, 1971
might be a most intriguing reference to Valen.
GG mentions not only Sonata no.2, but also no.1 as well as
Variation opus 23.


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Junichi Miyazawa, Tokyo
walkingtune@bigfoot.com (alias)