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Re: GG: CBC Transcripts

Pat Zumstein wrote:

> G'day f_minorers
> 1) Does anybody know if the transcripts for GG's "docudramas" are still
> available from the CBC (CBC Learning Systems) ? Listening to such an
> intensive "play" like  QIL is quite demanding and because it is very
> difficult to understand the characters I still don't quite get the point
> GG was trying to make.
> (No HTML tag was injured or killed during the creation of this message!)
> Have a good day !
> Pat

Dear Pat,
    Quiet in the Land is available as part of a 3 CD package of the entire
Solitude Trilogy from CBC records.  CBC will be releasing the documentaries
on Casals and Stowkowski to coincide with the conference in September.  The
documentary I am really waiting for is the one on Richard Strauss.
Considering that September is the 50th anniversary of his death, it would
have been appropriate for CBC to release it.
        Allan MacLeod