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Glenn Gould in Amazon newsletter!

Does anyone get the e-mail newsletter on classical music from Amazon?
Look who got mentioned in the latest issue!

Looking for the essential recordings of legendary pianist
Glenn Gould? Check out our choices for his finest, from his
landmark debut with Bach's "Goldberg Variations" to his take
on Grieg's piano sonata.

By the way, did you know you can post reviews of CDs on Amazon now?
I've already submitted a couple of GG reviews.

I think it's great that they listed the Grieg/Bizet/Sibelius disk. I
recently listened to the Sibelius side again and appreciated it --
"austere" or not. I know not everybody agrees with the recording
techniques used in them, and I'm sure the experiments don't always
works. But there is an almost otherworldly quality to some of them.
OK, it could be because of the composer and because of the musician.