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Re: Pictures of GG

Hello all:

To capture the essence of this man in one photograph is quite a task; to me
there is a lot that is enigmatic and mysterious about this man.  If there
were two photographs however that reflected this man, even if  imperfectly,
I would chose two pictures which are reproduced in Peter Ostwald's book on
Gould.  In the paperback edition, the pictures of him (reproduced on page 23
and page 117) show two sides of this man that made an impression on me.  The
picture on page 117 is a very well known picture that shows him in 1955
happily dancing while listening to a playback of his recording of the
Goldberg Variations. This exuberance is very much a part of him and the
picture itself reminds me of one of those Sufis  in the throes of ecstasy in
the midst of their dancing.  The other photograph (on page 23) is not that
well known  -- to my knowledge -- and has a sad quality about it that is
haunting to me.  Well, I'll see you all in Toronto during the gathering and
take care of yourselves.

Daniel Vaiser

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> Hi Anne,
> My favorite picture is on page 50B of G. Payzant's book. GG was 23 and
> sitting with his legs crossed on The Chair.   To capture his essence
> however, I think you need to look at him dressed for winter on a summer
> The hat, scarf, coat and gloves really tell us something about him.
> of you who live outside of Canada may not realize how HOT Toronto is in
> summer.
> Those of you who are traveling to the Gathering in Sept.  will see Ontario
> at it's best.  This is the perfect time of year for the trip north.
> Anne