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Re: Pedal in Bach

I've read that Glenn said he didn't use the pedal in Bach. But I don't
remember what period this was from. And I certainly did notice that he
was using the pedal on the Goldberg video. It could be that in the
earlier period he didn't use the pedal and later he did. Or this could
be a case of "creative cheating" -- if I pedal very discreetly, no one
will notice. (Is this where we could the expression soft pedaling?
Sorry, couldn't resist the pun.) It could also be that he simply
didn't realize he used the pedal. :-> I know that when I'm in the
middle of writing a story, I'm in another world. There have been times
when the CD I was listening to stopped while I was working on an
important scene, and I kept on writing for fifteen minutes or so,
still wearing the headphones.

The part about the differences in the Goldberg recording vs. the video
was mentioned in the Otto Friederich biography.