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Re: GG: DJ Masta Glenn

One Saturday, I was recording a tape from a Glenn Gould Bach
recording -- WTK Book II, I think -- using the stereo in my living
room. It was playing just loudly enough so that I could hear it softly
in the bedroom. Then, without thinking, I started playing another
Glenn Gould Bach recording (the first disk of Images) on the CD player
in my bedroom. Somehow, the two recordings "fit" together perfectly --
like a latch hook rug of piano music. Hard to explain, but it was
cool. Someday, I'll try that again.

But I haven't tried the experiment of watching "The Wizard of Oz" with
the sound turned off while listening to Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the
Moon." I hear they really do fit together well.

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>In college for my own amusement I used the campus radio station's
>board and two turntables to make a dual mono mix.  In the left
channel was
>GG's performance of the Beethoven Concerto #2 in Bb.  In the right
>was Arturo Toscanini's performance of the Mendelssohn Symphony #4 in
>The two pieces are within a few seconds of the same length, and the
>difference of key is quite jarring.  This tape was interesting to
hear on
>headphones: pay attention to either or both at any given moment.
>wish I'd kept the tape.  Got lost somewhere or recycled.
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