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Re: GG: DJ Masta Glenn

Bradley P Lehman wrote:
> In college for my own amusement I used the campus radio station's mixing
> board and two turntables to make a dual mono mix.  In the left channel was
> GG's performance of the Beethoven Concerto #2 in Bb.  In the right channel
> was Arturo Toscanini's performance of the Mendelssohn Symphony #4 in A.
> The two pieces are within a few seconds of the same length, and the
> difference of key is quite jarring.  This tape was interesting to hear on
> headphones: pay attention to either or both at any given moment.  Sure
> wish I'd kept the tape.  Got lost somewhere or recycled.

Wow!   You know, I would probably never listen to either of those pieces
individually, but I bet that I'd really like them together in dual-mono
(5.1 surround would be even better), particularly
if we could pitch shift the A-major one up about 30 cents.