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Re: gould in london

Thanks for the link, Neil. I like that picture. I don't recognize it,
either -- I'm pretty sure I haven't seen it anywhere before. It's an
unusual angle -- most of the pictures of Glenn at the piano were taken
from the front or directly from the side. He looks exhausted, too. It
reminds me of something I read in one of the biographies, where
Glenn told someone he had been up the night before, reading
Thomas Mann or something like that.

Did anybody else get a post about "Cap, Silk Scarf and silk neckties"?
At first, I thought, "Oh, great. Spam." But then, I started wondering
if we should all get together and order hats and scarves that say
"Glenn Gould" on them or something. OK, just kidding. (Too much
caffeine today.)