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Re: GG: the film

    how accurate do you feel that "32 short films" portrayed Mr. Gould? 

It certainly perpetuates some of GG's more legendary aspects, and it's
got its share of errors, but I think it's true at heart.  It captured
enough of his spirit to make me want to go out and buy every book and
record, anyway :).  In particular, I found the self-interview to be
wonderful, and was one of the things I was most attracted to when I
first saw it (shortly after it was released).  The other thing that made
the film special to me was the (real) interviews; they're as good as
we've got ...

I've seen it a number of times, both in theaters and on (sadly washed
out) video, after having read all the aforementioned books and heard the
aforementioned music, and I still think Girard's film holds up well.