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Re: GG: any opinion on Sweelinck?

>> I don't remember him ever mentioning Sweelinck except in passing,
>>but he (as you may know) did play one of S's fantasias (in `d
>>really Dorian mode I think, or some mode) for a TV program, shown
>>in one of the Sony videos.  It got included on the Sony CD of the
>>`early music' (Gibbons & Byrd).

That darn Sweelinck piece is addictive! It recently "grew on me." I
had it cued in the tape in my car, and I kept replaying it. Does
anybody else get "stuck" on one GG piece like that?

>Anybody know if GG's driving style in Lance and Longfellow would be
>applicable here?  Did he enjoy suddenly changing speed on the
>highway? Were those two cars automatic transmission or manual?

I think there was something about changing speed in an article in "The
Glenn Gould Reader" -- probably in the Petula Clark article. He
confessed that he would adjust his speed on long drives so that he
could be assured of hearing "Downtown" played as often as possible.
As if his driving weren't already bad enough! And I'm sure he
subconsciously varied his speed depending on what was playing on the
radio (or in his mind).

Because of road grading work in my area, some of the surfaces on the
highway ended up creating great road noises. It was like driving over
a really big record. Some stretches made a high-pitched hum, some made
a low-pitched hum. Without realizing what I was doing, I ended up
varying my speeds to make different sounds. (Bad driver, very bad.)
Anyway, I'm sure Glenn would have had a field day with that road...