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Re: GG: newbie with questions

Veronica Andrew wrote:
> >3. What video should I get next?
> >From the standpoint of familiarizing yourself with Gould in a logical
> progression, I have no idea what to recommend next.  I believe the video "A
> Portrait" is also called "On the Record/Off the Record" which consists of
> two half hour segments:  one of Gould playing and being interviewed at his
> cottage at Lake Simcoe, the other of his recording the Italian Concerto at
> the 30th Street studio in New York.  If you that's not the one you've seen,
> put that high on your list!  Other than that, I have a couple of favorites:
> >From the Bruno Monsaingeon series (of which I think there are 12) I think my
> favorite is "The Conductor"--the first portion is Gould conducting the
> Toronto Symphony's string section in Bach's cantata 54: "Widerstehe doch der
> Sunde".  It's a gorgeous piece of music, and the filming of it, which was
> done in 1962, is in black and white--a good aesthetic choice compared to the
> rather odd psychedelic colors and backdrops that would come along later in
> the series.  Also, have you seen "32 Short Films About Glenn Gould"?  I
> think it's a very good movie in and of itself, and within 32 short segments,
> a different aspect of Gould's life and character is described, without a lot
> of
> conjecture.  I highly recommend it.

Hello all,

I just want to make it clear about "A Portrait" and "Two Portraits"
videos. They've been discussed on this list before. They are not the
same. Veronica wrote a description of "Glenn Gould. Two Portraits"
video.  "On the Record" and "Off the Record" were made in the end of
50s. "Glenn Gould. A Portrait" is also a Kultur video, made in the 80s.
Unfortunately it's out of print. If somebody wants to sell it I am
willing to buy. I highly recommend "Two Portraits" and another Kultur
video, "Glenn Gould plays Beethoven". They are less expensive than Sony
videos and available from online stores, such as www.totale.com,
www.towerrecords.com, www.shopping.com. "Glenn Gould plays Beethoven" is
that legendary video with Beethoven's 5th piano concerto, that GG
recorded after a 2 days notice. You will also find there Bagatelle, Opus
26, No.3 and the F-minor Variations, Opus 34.

According to www.glenngould.com Sony series consists of 16 videos plus
"Greatest Hits". I don't know whether Monsaingeon directed all of them.

> 2. In the 1981 GV's video- is GG playing on a Yamaha or Steinway?

I am pretty sure that it was Yamaha. He abandoned his Steinway CD 318 in
70s after continuous unsuccessful repairs. 

> 12. Is the GV's video available in DVD?

Not yet. But I think I read on the list that Sony is going to make
"Glenn Gould Collection" available on DVDs with 2 movies per DVD.


Maksim Drabkin
E-mail: mdrabkin@gis.net