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[Fwd: Glenn by David Young]

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Mary Jo

As a former subscriber to F Minor (sadly I don't have the time!), I know
the following will be of interest to all F Minor members:

Coach House Books is happy to announce the publication of the definitive
edition of _Glenn_, a play by David Young about Glenn Gould. This second
revised edition includes extensive changes that resulted from the play's
premier in 1992, and the production to be staged at the Stratford Festival
this year.

More than a play about Glenn Gould, _Glenn_ translates to stage the enigma
Gould represents and many of the ideals he espoused. The cast consists of
four Glenns - the Prodigy, Performer, Perfectionist, and Puritan - and a
number of alter egos familiar to most Gouldians. It is structured on the
Goldberg Variations.

This handsome new edition is available for only C$17.95 from bookstores or
directly from Coach House Books http://www.chbooks.com. Coach House is
Gouldian in it's own way: we are the only publisher in the world to publish
all our titles online as well as in print, utilizing technology to create a
new reader.

The online version of _Glenn_ will undergo several revisions in the coming
months. At present it consists of the full text (which is searchable), but
will soon include audio. Suggestions are welcome. Please note that the
online version may appear free of charge, but we request that you tip the

 damian lopes, web editor, <dal@interlog.com>
 Coach House Books
 401 Huron Street on bpNichol Lane
 Toronto Ontario M5S 2G5

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