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32 Films

>>  Also, I haven't read any evidence to suggest that he was as
>> superstitious about dates and numbers as the film suggests
I read Andrew Kazdins book about GG, "Greative Lying" (am I right about the title?)
Andrew wrote that Glenn was actually quite superstitious about cheques he wrote to the author. At times, Glenn was so worried about his "bad luck cheques" that he had to rewrite them even twice. And in one occasion Glenn telephoned Andrew just to tell him that he had accidentally written a "bad luck cheque" to him, and Andrew had to promise Glenn not to use that one. Glenn never told Andrew what were the criterias for a "bad luck cheque", but I remember that Andrew thought it had something to do with the way GG made his signature. I hope I remeber these things correctly, since I don't have the book available right now.