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Re: glenn gould and pen pals

In a message dated 6/4/99 4:43:51 PM Mountain Daylight Time, bpl@umich.edu 

 Some people don't trust this medium because any discussion other than
 real-time is (for these people) not "real" human interaction.  Others
 would argue that real-time is an artificial and pesky
 restriction...internet discussion at its own pace is absolutely real (and
 ideal for some).  Some people say things online that they would never say
 face-to-face; is that good or bad, real or unreal?  The fact that some
 discussions are archived also affects the interaction.
 The medium is still new enough that it hasn't yet been studied much at
 theoretical levels.  That makes this a potentially good diss topic....

 Interesting topic. I much prefer the internet over "real time" interactions. 
It offers safety and purity of discussion without distractions.