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Re: Vote for Glenn !!!

On Tue, 6 Jul 1999 10:48:03 -0400, you wrote:

>I gather you mean in the sense "cannot be taken seriously enough!"
>I for one voted for both the Solti Mahler 8th and Gould's 1981 Goldbergs,
>and expect to see them both in the top 10!

Solti's mahler 8 is just plain bad once you get past the hysterics of the 1st
movement. It has no line, no continuity. Listen to Horenstein on BBC Classics:
hear how to makes the 2nd movement into a great story. Solti just goes for
thrills and is well recorded but that's all. 

Gramophone and penguin still seem to cherish recordings which in their day made
an impact but have long been surpassed. I guess the Solti M8 did sound quite
convincing in its day but not now. 

Even Gould 1981 goldbergs are seriously challenged by Yudina. 


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