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Re: Abba

From: jjrd@sympatico.ca <jjrd@sympatico.ca>

>What is so very wrong about "challenge" and "competition" all of a
>If the first album of "Abba" would eventually represent the music of
>Century, I would assume that humanity would be in serious trouble.
>Not that I've got that much of a problem with "Dancing Queen", but

Actually, I'm rather partial to "The Winner Takes It All." It's from
Abba's later period, and it's quite different from the bubblegum
period of Abba. For one thing, it's very Nordic and depressing. How
appropriate to this list! (If Petula Clark had sung it, Glenn would've
been, ahem, ecstatic.) Some of the songs from Abba's later period make
me wonder if this was the period when they were all getting divorced.
(OK, it doesn't compare to Glenn's later period, but at least their
chairs didn't squeek. ;->)

>Or as Gould himself could have very well said: "Well, Bruno, Abba is
>lovely word... How many times would you like me to say it?"

That was *good.* :->

>Folks, face it... Gould was an ultra "challenging" kind of a guy.

My father's *still* trying to figure him out. He might never get it.
After all, he thinks the premiere Canadian musical artist is Anne