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Re: Sgt. Peps/Bach-o-mercial

Hear, hear for the great BB5.  I've always thought that the shifting
harmonic foundation in, say, "Let's Go Away For Awhile" made Wilson one
of the few record makers that coulda been a contender for Tony Hatch on
GG's hit parade.
	As for the Monsaignon video footage, it does have an
informercial-as-art angle that will provide much hilarity for those with
an extremely dry sense of humor.  But beware.  I've tried to convince
friends, family, and other non-Gould fans of the merits of Brunovision
with precious little success.

someone wrote:
and had the press been kind to the Beach Boys, then you would be saying
this about Pet Sounds, which, to be honest, blows Sgt. Pepper out of 

someone else wrote:
But, the fact that (1) Gould thought he could act and pretend
like an accomplished actor and (2) he thought these spontaneous
moments could be succssfully writen into his 'script', is what's
very fascinating.  

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