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Re: GG: Gould and the Beatles

Jeremy Smith wrote:

> Hello all,
> That bit about Sgt. Pepper was undeniably out of place on this list.  But
> how about this?
> I remember once checking out a book about GG from my school library. The
> book (or at least the part I read) had interviews with GG.  The
> interviews, however, didn't seem to be the usual scripted kind that you
> find on the videos or in the Reader.  In one section, I think he was asked
> about his opinion of the Beatles, and he tried to explain why he didn't
> like them.  I seem to remember that he had some difficulty formulating his
> objections, as if he was stammering a bit (inasmuch as you can spot
> stammering in a printed interview).  Anyway, this was a long time ago and
> my memory is not so clear.  Also, I'm no longer at the school so I can't
> go find the book again.  Does anyone have any ideas where this might come
> from?  How about other places where Gould talks about the Beatles?  The
> only other reference I know is where he talks about using noisemakers
> during practicing, saying he might put on 'Beatles records, whatever..'
> -J

Hello Jeremy,
    Gould did some interviews with Jonathan Cott for Rolling Stone magazine
which were subsequently published by Cott as "Conversations with Glenn
Gould."  I don't have my copy at hand, but it is a good possibility that
these were not pre-scripted and a Rolling Stone interviewer might well ask
about the Beatles.  If I find out more, I will let you know.
    Allan MacLeod