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re: GG Radio documentaries a failure?

I can say from having 'been there' when the documentaries were first produced, that they did not get favourable reviews.  I think I still have the Globe&Mail news clipping of the first review somewhere around........
But of course, GG. was light years ahead of his time, as we are just beginning to discover.  That's my explanation (if somewhat simplistic) for it.
Charles Grierson
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Date: Tuesday, February 15, 2000 8:42 AM
Subject: GG Radio documentaries a failure?

Dear F minors,
I know that many of you belong to the Glenn Gould Foundation.  You should have received the Gould Standard yesterday.  I was puzzled by some of the things that Michael Tait said in his Letter to the Editor.  If  Mr Tait is on this list I would like him to explain his 6th point.  Perhaps some of you will have an opinion on this.
"6. His radio documentaries were interesting failures.  A fugue of words, because of their denotative content, results in confusion and mess in contrast to a fugue of pure sounds." 
Mr. Tait belongs to Glenn Gould's generation and I am a generation younger, so he was around when the documentaries were first broadcast and I was not.  Also, he lives in Toronto.  Perhaps he is in a better position to judge their success than I am.  If they were not a success when they were first produced, why are we still listening to them today?  Any thoughts?