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GG: Bradley's Dada

BONG wrote:

> > Despite all this I think the piece is still easily recognizable.  Try it
> at
> > http://www.ematic.com/bpl/sounds/dadafugue.mp3   -- any comments/reactions
> > are welcome.
> Unfortunately, the piece is recognizable. With all due respect it sounds
> like the performer was drunk, especially when your brain clearly recalls the
> original fugue:) A nice experiment, anyway.

I quite liked it!  But then, it *does* remind me of the kind of thing Hindemith
doing in the 20s, before his compositional craft became formalized
Very Dada.  And still *very* much the Bach c-min. fugue (I), despite some
aggressive modifications devices.

BTW, lovely clavichord sound!