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OT: Timothy Findley interview in July Maclean's

Mary Lause sent me a copy of an interview with Timothy Findley from the
July 24th issue of Maclean's. (Thank you! <g>) Apparently, you can view
this article at the Maclean's web site at http://www.macleans.ca/index.stm,
but only if you're a subscriber. You can use your subscriber number to sign
up as a registered user of the web site.

If you have access to Maclean's, either the paper version or the "photon"
version, I'd suggest finding a copy of the article. As GG fans might know,
Timothy Findley wrote the famous Canadian novel "The Wars," and GG wrote
the soundtrack for the "fillum" adaptation.

This article is about Findley's most recent work, a play called "Elizabeth
Rex." (About Queen Elizabeth I, not the current queen. <g>) The article
mentions that Findley was an actor in his youth -- in 1953, he was a member
of Stratford's acting company. I had read that he was an actor but didn't
realize he was at Stratford at the same time as GG. Interesting...

To keep this Gouldian, the article ends with a quote from GG. Findley is
recalling his last conversation with GG, where GG said, "You know, the only
thing that matters is that you become yourself." Findley says he came to
understand this while writing this play -- for each of the characters
becomes himself (or herself). What a great quote -- wonderful way to end
the article.

P.S. There is information about how to subscribe to Maclean's on the web
site. Darn, another thing to tempt me...

Anne M. Marble
I report spam (thwack!)