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Re: French Suites/CD 318

Anybody else out there (and I know there's at least one) think that
Gould's recording of the Second English Suite, is the best of those

Did you know the Second is the only one recorded before the damage to CD
(The liner notes to the Sony Edition make this explicit without having to
check the dates.
I did it anyway.)


Apparently some, but not all, of Gould's Beethoven's Sonata No. 16 in G
major, op 31, no 1
was the last recording of the undropped CD 318.  Another test for the Big
Ears.  Pick
the pre and post piano out of that recording.

So it looks like The Second English Suite, recorded May 23, 1971, was the
"complete" piece recording made on an undamaged CD 318.  Now there's even
emotion to fill the special place in my heart I reserve for that recording.

The notes to the English Suites also say he didn't record on CD 318 again
until Nov 5, 1972.

A look at the Mozart Complete Sonatas Sony CD tells us that the
Fantasia in D minor, k 397 (track 13 of the fourth CD)
was recorded on Nov 5, 1972.

Could this be the first recording on the repaired CD 318?

Anyone have the dates for the French Suites?

Does it seem like I'm talking to, and answering, myself?

I need to take a break, I think.

Oh my god, I'm close to interviewing myself.

Jim Morrison interviews Jim Morrison about Glenn Gould

I'm listening to the Brahms Ballades, recorded in February 1982, and my bet
is this recording was made on a Yamaha as well.



PS: Where's Bradley?  I thought he wanted to talk about CD 318?  Bradley,
come out from where ever you are.