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GG: Request for information

Hello Miners,

My wife and I will be taking a 5-week jaunt through London, Paris, Italy
(mainly Rome but also Florence, Venice and points south of Rome) and
Greece (mainly Athens) starting mid-August. Where we live, Broome, is
2000km from Perth, the capital of Western Australia, and itself probably
the most remote capital city in the world. This jaunt will therefore be
reintroducing us to Western Civilisation. It will also enable me to get
close to shops selling Gould CDs, LPs (maybe), books, videos and the like.

I should be very grateful if those of you living on the path we will
travel could let me know the names and addresses of shops dealing in
Gouldiana, particularly those close to city centres because we are on
organised tours and will be following well-travelled tourist routes only.

It's OK buying over the Internet but I think that, like book lovers, most
music lovers prefer rooting around in CD/music shops. CDs haven't got the
same smell that books have, but flipping them over is much better than
looking at Amazon's dry and often useless descriptions.

As this is personal and not a List thing, please respond to my email
address -- unless you think your information would benefit the List. Many
thanks in advance to you all.

Tim Conway
Broome, WA, Oz