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Re: The Yamaha recordings

I should have also mentioned that the liner notes to the Haydn disc tells us

"Gould declared his willingness to return to CBS's studios in New York's
30th Street, where he had not made any recordings for almost a decade."

Hey, that's a significant event that Friedrich is once again misleading us

Friedrich writes of the 81 Goldbergs recording "Having decided that the
CBC's recording facilities were technically inadequate, Gould returned to
the old Columbia studio on East Thirtieth Street in Manhattan..."

Well, sort of, but surely misleading.

According to the liner notes, Sony of Canada had lent the digital equipment
to CBS in New York.  Gould went down there in October 1980 to recorded a
couple of Haydn Sonatas in two days.  He wanted to record the Goldbergs on
that digital equipment as well.

I think practically all of Gould's last recordings were made outside of
Toronto in those CBS studios with the digital equipment, though I could be
wrong about that.  Anyone know for sure.  I don't have the Strauss CD,
though I do have the tape.

I know the Goldbergs, Haydn, Brahms were recorded on DDD at CBS in NYC.

Maybe spending so much time out of Canada was bad for him.