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Re: CD's published by marketers, not by musicians

Bradley wrote:

>"Wurrenberg"?!  That's one of the most glaring typos in the "Glenn Gould:
>Images" set (in English), but you're saying the German release got that
>wrong also?  They misspelled a place name that every German citizen over
>the age of ten knows?


>And it lists the first movement of the Prokofiev 7th sonata as "Allegro
>inquiero."  There's a fairly big difference between "restless" (inquieto)
>and "I inquire."

My copy of "GLENN GOULD joue tout sauf Bach" has neither of those two
typos. The liner notes are in French only, and by Guillaume Monsaingeon.
Any relation?

Tim Conway
Broome, WA, Oz