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Re: CD 318

Okay guys,

I'm confused.

Some people are saying the D in CD 318 stands for model D.

Others are saying it stands for Division, as in Concert Division.

We know from the NLC Gould archives that a Steinway representative refers to
CD 318 as "piano serial number 317,194 (formerly CD 318)"

Why the formerly?  If CD is simply a name, why say formerly?  At first
glance it makes sense to say formerly if CD names refer to pianos used by
others but owned by Steinway.  Since Gould buys CD 318 in 1973, it doesn't
make sense for the Steinway people to keep calling it by a CD number.

Somebody get me Steinway's number.

I'm getting offline and calling them up.


Interpol here I come.

I've been watching the great Jeremy Brett's Sherlock Holmes shows.  Man that
man has a great physical presence and speech delivery.