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Steinway and Yamaha specs

Steinway Specifications
Model D

 Height  (not on the webpage)
 Length 8' 11-3/4" (274 cm)
 Width 61 1/4" (156 cm)
 Depth  (not on the webpage)
 Net Weight 990 pounds (450 kg)

Strings TREBLE: Twelve whole & one-half sizes from high-tensile Swedish
steel. BASS: Swedish steel core wire wound with pure copper. Longest,
agraffe to bridge: 79 1/4" (201 cm)

Yamaha CFIIIS:

The CFIIIS Concert Grand Line, is the ultimate exemplar of a proud heritage,
prized by performers and performing art centers around the world.

9' Concert Collection Grand Piano

Depth (Length) 9'0" (275 cm)
Height 41 inches (103cm)
Width 63 inches (160 cm)
Net Weight 1100 lbs (500kg)
Soundboard dimension 3209 square inches
Soundboard material Rumanian Spruce
Speaking length of #1 bass string 80.0 inches
Number of backposts 4
White keys Ivorite
Black keys Ebony
Duplex scaling YES
Tone collector YES
Treble Resonator Yes
Treble Bridge Cap Boxwood
Middle pedal function Sostenuto
"Soft-Close" fallboard YES
Finish Polished Ebony

Jim here:

Things of particular interest:

1: Yamaha is no longer making the CFII model, what Glenn used for the 81
Goldbergs.  Anyone know how the CFIIIS differs from the CFII?

2:  The Yamaha is a little bit bigger than the Steinway Model D.

Anyone know how long the Model D specs have remained constant?  As in, are
these dimensions the same as Gould's CD 318?

And one final question:  Was CD 318 made in Hamburg or New York?  My guess
is New York, though Hamburg would be better considering Gould spent a month
recuperating there during a European concert tour.