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GG: Trying to Remember an Anecdote

Okay, call this my own form of creative cheating. A Very Wise Woman sent me
letter with a sort of Glenn Gould trivia question. And I can't think of the

This comes from a book about GG. Where was the incident where Glenn Gould
asked people to feel his back muscles? (Wisely, this Very Wise Woman
specified, "His back muscles, not his Bach muscles." <g>)

Aaargh! I know I've read this anecdote before. But where was it?! This
doesn't sound like a "Friederich anecdote." Nor an Ostwaldian anecdote.
Okay, so was it in The Idea of Gould? In the Kazdin? Haaalp!

P.S. Don't worry, when I write back, I'll confess that I had to cheat.

Anne M. Marble