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Re: Strauss Five Pieces op. 3

Dear Jim,

The five pieces by the Straus is one of the most favourite recording by

I've got a CBS edition of Strauss recording.

Amongst five pieces:
1 andante;
2 allegro vivace scharzando;
3 largo;
4 allegro molto; and
5 allegro marcatissimo,

according to the recording note,
1 & 3 (23rd April 1979)
2 & 4 (6th August 1979)
were recorded at Old St. Laurence Hall, Tronto.

5 was recorded on 5th September 1979
at Eaton's, as you stated.

Yes, I will try to find the differences in quality of recordings.

I hope it helps.


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Subject: Strauss Five Pieces op. 3

Yes, we certainly do miss Gould, who would be 68 today if he were still

Can someone help me with a Strauss question:

In Friedrich's bio he says of Gould's recording of Op. 3  that Numbers 1 and
3 were recorded in St. Lawrence Town Hall, in April 1979.  The other pieces
were recorded in Aug of 1979, presumably at Eatons.

If anyone has the Sony edition of this recording, can you tell me if this is
true.  If it is, then Struass' opus 3 contains some of the relatively few
recordings made by Gould that were not recorded in the CBS studios or