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Evans on CD 318

hello Fminor,

I've been in touch with a couple of Bill Evans experts

Brian Hennessey at


Jan Stevens at

and they both tell me that, according to a bio of Evans
( Petinger, Peter:  How My Heart Sings. New Haven CT and London:
Yale University Press, 1998. pp.144, 313.)
In February 1963, in
Webster Hall, NYC, Evans used Glenn Gould's Steinway to record
"Conversations With Myself".

This album involves Evans recordings not one but two overdubs of an original
piano track, in effect creating a piano trio of one player.

I haven't heard it, but am awaiting it, and have been cautined by Jan
Stevens that the sound quality is tinny due to the primitiveness of the
overdubbing technology of the day, and the album sounds better as mono than

This is the only album they know on which Bill used CD 318.

Also, Jan recommended that if I were a classical music fan I should listen
to Evans' "You must beleive in Spring" CD, one of his favorites.

I've also heard that INTERMODULATION and SYMBIOSIS are worth checking out.

okay Bradley, you wanted to talk about Evans and CD 318.  The balls in your
court now.


a review of Converstations with myself can be found at