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GG, Strauß and Elisabeth Schwarzkopf

Hi f-minors,

the last days I was going in for Strauß.
I really enjoy all of GG´s Strauß-recordings, especially "Beim
Schlafengehn", Vier letzte Lieder No. 3, Lois Marshall, soprano (SM2K 52674)
and "Lieder der Ophelia" op.67, E. Schwarzkopf.
Unfortunately E. Schwarzkopf has still not given permission to release the
four remaining songs:
"Heimliche Aufforderung", op. 27 No. 3, "Morgen" op. 27 No. 4, "Winterweihe"
op. 48, No. 4 and "Wer lieben will, muß leiden" op. 49 No. 7,
that were also recorded on the same session (NYC 1966).
Who knows further more (than written in the Sony CD-Booklet) about the
peculiar scenario, with GG improvising all the time - E. Schwarzkopf
irritated about that and trying to stick to the notes on the printes page ?
Is there any chance to hear these (lost?), for sure, interesting and
probably valuable recordings or will we miss them forever ?

Best wishes

Joerg Scheuvens