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Re: landowska

At 09:29 AM 8/3/2000 -0400, Baldwin, Daniel wrote:
        I suppose Landowska is what one might call "sui generis" (much like
our hero). Yes, there are some inconsistencies -- she lead the harpsichord
revival, but it was with an instrument unlike any that existed during Bach's
time; she said to another keyboard player ( I forget who): "You play Bach
your way; I will play him his way," and yet her interpretations are
generally of the "Romantic" rather than the more "authentic" type. And yet,
all the elements combined create a magical effect. Her playing has
tremendous vitality, color, warmth, and sprituality.


Incidentally, the famous quote *was* to a person who played Bach on the
piano (WTC preludes and fugues) every morning, but he was rather better
known as a cellist.  He played piano only to himself, and the quote wasn't
about playing keyboards.

"Mon cher Pau (as she called him) ne discutons pas davantage.  Continuez a
jouer Bach a _votre_ facon et moi, a _sa_ facon."

"Let us not fight anymore.  Continue to play Bach _your_ way and I, _his_

They both laughed and went on to other subjects.

A great and long friendship existed between them as well as a very sincere
mutual admiration.  Wanda's "boutade" was taken exactly for what it was: a
jestful pun.

[This was in 1941; Landowska and Casals had been friends since 1903...]

See http://www.tug.org/mail-archives/f_minor/msg01882.html for the full
details: confirmed by eyewitnesses from both sides of the story.

Bradley Lehman
Dayton VA