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Re: landowska

>From: Bradley Lehman (re: Italian Concerto)
>Agreed that the 1959 GG is very well done.  Wonderful!  His >1952 CBC
broadcast version is also worth hearing.  The 1981 has >good sound but the
interpretation is, uh, unsatisfactory.

I agree with you about the 1981 performance. I'm not thrilled with it.  I do
however love Dubravka Tomsic's IC (PILZ 160202 and
reissued on Madacy Records #3637, samples at amazon.com).

Tomsic's Partita No1 on the same recording is also great. This is truly
bold, risky, and outstanding piano playing.  Recommended for those looking
for bold interpretations and not cookie-cutter imitations.  There are two
pianist today that I wish would record the Goldberg's: Tomsic and Argerich.
(Yes, I consider Tomsic equal to Argerich).  Both I think can handle the
demands of the work and offer new bold insights.

Since I can't remember GG's 1959 IC, can anyone compare Tomsic's IC to GG's